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Cost of Services

Sentry Home Watch in Bonita Springs and Estero FL, provides basic home watch with fees that range from 20.00 to 75.00 a visit, and are based on the type of residence serviced. We always prorate for partial months, based on your arrival and departure. Departure and return services including opening & closing are personalized to suit your individual needs, and are not included in basic home watch fees. They are done for the price of one visit. We vill only visit a residence either weekly or bi-weekly, to ensure your home is protected up to our standards. 

Inquire about our fees by contacting us directly. 

Also, concierge service is available for our clients who would like to have other goods and services provided, in addition to standard home watch service. Provided at an hourly rate of $50.00, examples would be: meeting & staying with vendors, staying & waiting for deliveries, fridge stocking before arrival etc. 

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